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Vacation Sale and Shipping Update

I'm out of the country from June 23 to July 22!

It's been 3 years since I've traveled outside of the country. Finally we are getting out for a long vacation. I'm so excited, but also I'm a bit sad that I can't take my work with me. Embroidery is portable, but I can't get work done quickly enough traveling around with a little kid and other family members.

But I do want to celebrate, so from the day that I leave, everything in my shop will be on sale. Masks will be an additional 10% off (total of 23% off the original price), and everything else will be 10% off in the shop! Sorry, I cannot take custom orders during this time. I can begin working on the orders after I return from my trip.

Also I need to update for what the Japan Post office is allowing for shipping via air. As of writing, the current countries that are NOT available are:

  • China

  • Australia

  • UK/Northern Ireland

  • Iceland

  • India

  • Canada And other countries... Please see the full list here. It was last updated June 1st. Look at the "Parcels" side of the column and check to see if your country is listed for EMS (express), Air or SAL (Economy Air Lifted). If not, it may only have Surface mail available (by boat and truck) which can take up to a month.

Please make note of this before ordering if you live outside of Japan. And also send your prayers for this to improve soon!

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