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Shipping From Japan Charges Update

Dear customers,

It has been quite a challenging two years since the pandemic began. It has been harder for me to ship internationally for one, and also because of the limited availability for post office flights, I've had to ship via surface mail this past month. Now a new challenge is coming. For now, the days of inexpensive shipping have left Japan. Before I could easy post something to the USA for as little as $6 by airplane. Now they have updated their prices and will change starting June 1st. Oddly enough, the express EMS option seems to be the most practical. Shipping by air, albeit slower, maybe cost more than EMS if your package is less than 500g. Shipping by surface will only be 1000 Yen cheaper (or about $8) and will take a month or more to reach you.

Here is the list on what to expect. If you order from May 10th, I will ask you to pay the shipping costs for June.

Given this update, I recommend ordering by EMS, as you will get the it fastest and will have a tracking number. Right now, Air isn't available, but hopefully it will be in June. You may need to pay an additional fee for a tracking number if you decide to ship with Air mail, but I will look into the extra cost. As of now since 2019, I have never had a package lost or damaged even without a tracking number. The Japanese Post Office does an amazing job caring for their packages.

Also most of my packages do not exceed 200 grams. I think only one time I've sent something that was 250 grams. But my products are very lightweight and small, so expect a shipping weight from 50 to 150 grams, depending on what you order. If you order many items (more than 3) you can expect a weight reaching 200g or more. I never have shipped anything near 1 kilogram before.

I am sorry to bring this news. I will continue to work hard at creating amazing embroidery art for you. Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions about this new shipping change.

Sincerely, Mimi

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