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Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Done Differently

Mimi Hana Threads has proudly been creating unique hand embroidered accessories since 2018. 

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Mimi is self taught, manipulating embroidery to embody the nature we love in three dimensions. Each piece is a handmade work of art, stitched by Mimi herself. No two pieces will be exactly the same. 

While all forms of jewelry are beautiful, Mimi sees the potential in blending embroidery art with adornments.

She sees the recent popularity of hoop embroidery, but believes in the combined power of wearing and displaying — so that you and your friends can appreciate the artwork together.

Mimi's designs are as original and unique as you are. From the Venus Fly Trap Ear Cuff to the Sakura Pearl Drop Earrings, each design is conceived with nature and you in mind. She creates each design as an expression of how nature and humanity co-exist. Which is why she is always open to custom orders and ideas.

Stand out, express yourself, and share the beauty nature has to offer. 

Mimi is a long time Japanese-American resident of Tokyo, since 2009. 

She has had a long career of teaching English, until she moved onto more creative endeavors, something she's always wanted to achieve. From photography, to Tokyo tour organizing, cooking, illustrating and finally embroidery, Mimi is the happiest when she is creating and designing. Follow Mimi Hana Threads' daily life through the social media accounts below.





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