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DMC Embroidery is Following ME!


Here I am, sitting in the TV den watching Spirited Away with my daughter and husband. I casually check my phone in between, when my eyes glaze over this message, sending it to my cognitive brain, which directly activated my vocal chords into a frightful gasp.

I'm being followed on Instagram by the biggest embroidery company ever called DMC Embroidery
dmc_embroidery started following me on Instagram

My husband was startled, thinking that someone had died. "Nothing happened! No, it's ok! I'll show you later." I try to regain my composure. As Chihiro is trying to solve how to turn her parents back into humans, my mind is whirling. What's going to happen now? Are they going to feature me in a post? Will my following suddenly jump? Will I be overloaded with orders as I try to prepare for a gallery exhibition at the same time? I did pray to Kanon in Kyoto... I better go thank her.

And on, and on, and on.... For those of you who do not know, DMC Embroidery, aka Dollfus-Mieg et Compagnie is THE company for everything embroidery. It was founded in 1746 in France. That's the French Revolution, everyone. According to Wikipedia, "During the twentieth century, it was one of the largest European textile and industry groups," and they are following me?

How did this happen? Well, it all started in December. I saw the DMC_jp was liking my posts if I had tagged them in it. I always thanked them in my stories for doing so, because I was genuinely surprised that they actually noticed me. This happened enough times that I started teasing them a bit asking, "Can we become friends?"

I also noticed that DMC_jp would feature stories that had tagged them in their stories. So I decided to give it a shot. I took a photo of my sakura flowers in progress and tagged them in a few posts. They responded by saying they like it, and even shared one of my stories. That was super exciting!

DMC Japan liked my post, so they shared it on their Instagram story
DMC_jp shared my story on theirs

Consequently, I also tagged DMC_embroidery. Of course, DMC_embroidery also follows DMC_jp. They responded to me in a message.

I was so surprised when DMC Embroidery noticed me on Instagram
DMC_embroidery noticed!

Encouraged by this, I gave it another try and tagged them again in my story the next day. I think they must have been anticipating where my craft was going, because they answered me again!

Whooooaaaaaaa..... Now I am almost floored. Maybe my pupils became stars? So I try again the next day. I continue to work on my sakura and turn them into earrings. My friend had made an order for them last year in May, but because of COVID I couldn't send them until now when the Japanese Post office finally relaxed its international shipping restrictions. This is the post that I shared in my stories.

Of course, I tried tagging DMC again. The response was what just happened a few hours ago. I am number 2254 in their following list, but whatever, it's DMC!!!

I have to keep working on these flowers! Don't give up the gallery. Keep making beautiful embroidery. Don't stop!!


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