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This item has one hair barrette.

This cute hand embroidered sakura is a great welcoming addition to the spring season. In Japan, we appreciate its beauty and brief time in bloom. Good thing this barrette will last longer!

This flower typically takes me four hours to make. Each stitch is done carefully with its new owner in mind. The flower is about half an inch wide, or 2 centimeters. You can choose a brass, silver or black barrette attachment.


Select "Set of 2" for a discounted price on the second barrette. Quantity will determine how many sets you want. 


Measures at 5 cm long or 2 inches.


Materials: zinc alloy, plastic stamen, glue, felt, embroidery floss, wire

Sakura Hair Clip, wedding hair accessories, cherry blossom hair barrette

Attachment color
  • Returns and refunds are accepted within 1 week of receiving the item. Cancellation is also accepted within 3 days after purchase. 

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