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The perfect gift for a bridesmaid.


These gorgeous hand embroidered sakura hoop earrings is a great welcoming addition to the spring season. In Japan, we appreciate its beauty and brief time in bloom. Good thing these earrings will last longer!


This is perfect for your special day such as Quinceañera and Sweet 16, prom, or your wedding day as a bridal ornament. Or just wear them for a night out in the town. No one else will have such exquisitely hand made earrings such as these.


Each flower typically takes me four hours to make. Each flower is about half an inch wide, or 2 centimeters.


The golden hoops are adorned with three flowers each, two flowers are a deeper pink, and one is a lighter pink. You can choose your flower colors before purchasing with no extra charge.


The gage of the earring is bit wider than most, about 1 millimeter or .1 inches. Make sure you have larger ear holes before purchasing.


As this is an entirely hand embroidered work of art, please allow up to 2 weeks for creation time.


If this item is a gift, message me to include a free message.



Pink Sakura Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings

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