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Pansy Hair Elastic | Hair Tie | Hand Embroidered

This pansy hair tie was hand embroidered using felt and embroidery floss. Its design is so intricate and detailed, strangers may even stop you for a compliment. With so many colors and varieties, make this natural looking hair tie your own or a loved one's. If you have a specific breed of pansy you would like me to create, contact me first. Or choose from the color options above. The red and white flower is a viola.

Each pansy takes me about 6 hours to make. This order is for one pansy. Buy two with the second 50% off. Just contact me for a custom order.

This order is for one pansy hair tie.

Customize your colors.
The primary color is the outer color, the secondary color is the inner color. All pansies come with black details unless otherwise specified. You can choose the color of the elastic, either black or brown.

See how I make the pansies here:

Pansy is approximately 2.5 inches or 5 centimeters.

Pansy Hair Elastic | Hair Tie | Hand Embroidered

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Main color
Back petal color
Elastic color
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