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Hand Embroidered Hydrangea Hair Tie With Real Abalone Shell from New Zealand

In Japan, the hydrangea, known as the ajisai (ah-gee-sigh), is celebrated as the flower of the rainy season (Tsuyu) in June. Its bright and deep blues and purples are admired almost as much as the sakura in April.

I decided to capture its beautiful colors and accent it with abalone from New Zealand, purchased personally from me during my most recent visit at the Transitional Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch. Here, you can see the abalone's mother of pearl reflects the same colors as the hydrangea. With real shell and embroidered hydrangeas, no one else will have this hair piece.


You can also order without the abalone for $5 off. 


Each flower takes me approximately 2 hours to make.

The attachment is about 1.5 inches wide, or 4.5 centimeters. The flowers are about 1 inch wide, or 2.5 centimeters. You can choose either a black or brown elastic.

While the hydrangea is usually a summer flower, you can wear it any time of the year for a day out in the town, a hydrangea themed wedding, or prom.

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